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Sept. 9th and 10th, Walsenburg, Colorado ​  Busch Ride Camp is 17 miles EAST of Walsenburg, CO on Highway 10.  It is the same location that this ride has been held for the past 2 years, south side of Highway 10, easily visible from this 2 lane road. This year it was decided that the ride would be moved to a Fall date.  With this move we are avoiding snow and winds that have blessed this ride in the past. Still 2 great weekend days riding, each day will feature a 25, 50 and intro ride.  The trails are 2-track and cow trails across eastern Colorado high-desert prairie and rugged canyonlands, all on private property.  Courses will be marked with ribbons on wooden clothespins, painted T posts and chalk lines.

Colorado has a dual-personality; the East and the West, with the boldly drawn line of I-25 to divide the two. This ride represents the Eastern side so there won't be mountains to climb, bears to fend off or rivers to ford.  Instead the terrain is gently rolling prairie with a few small canyons to keep it interesting.  Great ride for a horse that is gaining fitness or just needs conditioning miles.  Notably it is held on private land which happens to be a working cattle ranch.  The Busch family has raised cattle here for generations and have graciously allowed this endurance ride to take place here now for a 3rd year.  Please respect the livestock that inhabit the land and if a group of cattle is on the trail don't go blasting through the herd at warp speed. Slow down and walk through the cattle.

Footing and hoof protection:  The vast majority of the ride is flawless perfect footing, there are short stretches of gnarly rock in the canyons, shoe or boot accordingly to suit your horses needs.  The rocky stretches are gnarly enough that unless your horse has exceptionally great hard hooves shoes would help avoid a stone bruise.  If your horse is barefoot boots would be helpful on the red loop as well as the short stretches of the gravel roads that are included on the course. 

Camp is primitive prairie land, horse water and porta potties will be provided.   Ride camp opens on Friday and water will be dropped off that morning.  If you want to arrive Thursday please let Kerry Redente know and bring your own water for that night.  There is also the Greenhorn Horse Hotel at exit 77 right off I-25. They offer rig hook ups as well as stalls and pens. Staying there may be a better option for those traveling from more than a days drive from ride camp. Phone is (719) 924-0341.

We may or may not have a food truck. It is a remote location so if we manage to convince one to show up please patronize their presence!  We hope you enjoy this very minimalistic and casual format, and appreciate our gracious hosts at Busch Cattle Co.  Please please please take care of your horse and ride how the weather and conditions dictate. The ride is in rural Colorado and the closest vet clinic for major issues is up in Littleton, try not to need their services. Local veterinary treatment facilities for equines are limited so handle your horse accordingly. ​PLEASE PRE-REGISTER to help us maintain a head-count, you do not have to pre-pay.  Fees: Fun Ride-$50, LD & 50-$100, note no fee increase from last year!  Pre reg. will open on this site June 1

Vet – In Friday starts at 3pm. Dr. Miranda Andress will be the Head Control Judge for these 2 rides, there is NO TREATMENT VET.  If your horse needs treatment, you will need to take them either North to Littleton, or South to Raton.  Vet clinic information will be in your ride packet. Walsenburg is the closest town and has many amenities like groceries, feed, restaurants, fuel, and the Spanish Peaks Regional Hospital.​ The Busch Family has asked that you respect their property by: not rushing through their cattle, not having campfires, not collecting any artifacts (from antlers to arrowheads,) and being vigilant about natural risks such as rattlesnakes, prairie dog holes, barbed-wire, and bobcats. They hope you enjoy riding on their family ranch.There are three loops: Big BLUE ~25miles, Mellow YELLOW ~15miles, and Rowdy RED ~10 miles. The 50s will do blue, yellow and red.  The LDs will do yellow, red. The Intro/Fun Riders will do yellow or red. The course is the same both days. Health Certificates, use address: mm17 Hwy-10, Walsenburg, CO 81089  Health certificates are not a ride requirement but if traveling across state lines it is your decision to obtain one.

​The ride also has a Facebook page, just type in Busch Cattle Company to find the site. Updates will be posted here as well as on FB.  You can always contact the ride managers via email and phone for questions. Kerry Redante Julie Figg      ​​

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